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Is a tree on your property giving you trouble? Whether it’s at risk of falling over because of damage or the roots have started affecting your plumbing, you need tree removal Brisbane Southside residents can trust. At Cameron’s Tree Services, we’re a team of tree experts who offer services throughout Brisbane’s Southside. This includes Underwood, Springwood, Rochedale, Priestdale, Kuraby, Runcorn, Eight Mile Plains, Woodridge, Slacks Creek, Macgregor and Rochedale South. 

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Need professional tree removalists near me?We're licenced, insured tree cutting experts.

When you want to get a tree removed, it can be tempting to try cutting it down yourself, but this can be extremely dangerous. Cameron’s Tree Services, a locally-owned and family-operated company, has a team of licenced arborists to provide tree removal and tree lopping Brisbane Southside services.

All members of our professional team are licenced according to Australian standards to ensure that every job complies with local building and safety codes. Our friendly and professional crew is equipped with appropriate safety gear, and all our members are fully insured to address concerns about liability.

Why You Need Brisbane Southside, QLD Tree Removal Services

There are many reasons you may require tree removal and stump grinding: 

It’s also possible that you’re landscaping the outdoor area of your property and want to plant a new tree. Regardless of your reason, we’ll use appropriate tree and stump removal methods based on your specific needs.

Wondering If Your Tree is Protected By Your Local Council? We'll Secure The Necessary Permissions for Brisbane Southside Area Tree Removal 

When you need to get a tree removed, one of the first questions that comes to mind is whether it’s protected by the local council. That’s because many native trees, like fig trees or gum trees, are protected under local law. In this situation, it’s great to have a team of experts certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting approvals on your own. 

Our years of experience allow us to determine which trees are protected under local law, which is why we inspect your property to make sure. In the event that the tree is protected, we can secure the necessary permissions by filling out the paperwork and sending it to your local council for approval. 

Extensive Knowledge of Tree Maintenance Techniques and Procedures 

When you hire Cameron’s Tree Services, you’re relying on professional tree surgeons with a background in arboriculture. As qualified arborists, we have extensive knowledge about the local trees and vegetation, including their diseases. With years of experience in serving the South Brisbane area, we’re well-versed in appropriate strategies for palm tree removal, stump removal, and more. We’re also trained and experienced in operating specialised machinery needed for cutting down trees and chipping them into forest mulch. 

Comprehensive Process for Tree Removal Brisbane Southside Locals Can Count On 

At Cameron’s Tree Services, our team follows a careful tree cutting process involving the best practices so that the results align with your needs. In some cases, you may be unsure about whether cutting down a tree is the best option, even if it presents a safety hazard.

Many homeowners prefer other methods unless an expert would not hesitate to recommend removing the tree entirely. That’s why we start by performing a tree risk assessment to determine if removal is necessary. This includes evaluating the health and condition of the tree, as well as the risks of leaving it on your property. 

  • After confirming that the tree requires removal, we perform a safety check to identify nearby obstacles like trees, decks, or a shed. 
  • We plan out a safe and efficient removal process. In most cases, this means scaling the tree and cutting off the branches using careful lopping practices. 
  • As one experienced tree lopper dismantles the tree, they lower it down to the ground crew, who remove green waste by chipping the wood from larger sections. 
  • After removing the branches and canopy, our team will dismantle the rest or fell the tree, depending on the surrounding area. 
  • Once we’ve cut down the tree, it’s time to deal with the stump according to your requirements. We would highly recommend grinding it because it’s a cost-effective and quick solution. 

After mulching the tree’s segments and stump, we clean up the area so we can leave your property better than how we found it.

Why Choose Us for The Best Tree Removal in Brisbane Southside QLD

Wondering how our arborist team provides great service Brisbane South locals love? 

Our experienced tree loppers meet local licencing and certification requirements to ensure quality tree services. We’re also fully insured to address concerns regarding public liability so that you can hire us with peace of mind. 

We’re dedicated to providing affordable tree lopping and removal by setting competitive prices. We do this without compromising on quality, so you don’t have to settle for subpar results that don’t meet expectations. 

When you call us for Brisbane tree removal, we make sure to arrive on time and start the process according to schedule. We’re able to complete the project by your required deadline so you can go back to your routine.

If you’re dealing with a large and dangerous tree at risk of toppling over, you need expert tree services immediately. We’re available to handle emergency removals so that your family and surrounding property remain safe. 

No customer wants to deal with cleaning up, and that’s why we believe the job’s not done until we leave the area clean and tidy! After removal, we chip the trunk into mulch, grind the stump, remove debris, and dispose of waste. 

What factors affect the palm tree removal Brisbane Southside cost?

When seeking tree removal in Brisbane Southside homeowners trust, most homeowners ask about how much it will cost. This depends on various factors, such as: 

Crew Size

Professional and efficient tree removal Brisbane Southside locals can trust requires the climbers and ground crew to collaborate. Felling is difficult in urban areas because there's little space for the tree to fall without damaging the surrounding area. Instead, we use a rope and pulley system to dismantle the tree and lower the segments to the ground crew. Therefore, you need a team of at least 3 to 4 arborists, and this accounts for a major chunk of the cost. 

Tree Type

The type of tree you want removed will determine if it can be mulched or needs to be disposed of. In most cases, it's easy to deal with the waste since we chip the wood and use it as mulch. But in some cases, the green waste isn't recyclable and needs to be disposed of. These costs will be passed on to the property owner. 

Tree Size

If you want to remove a bigger tree safely and efficiently, it'll take more time to dismantle. Similarly, the job will take longer to remove debris and turn the tree into woodchips. 

Tree Health 

The most common method for cutting down a tree involves climbing it and dismantling it using ropes and pulleys, but this requires the branches to be safe and sturdy. However, most cases of removal involve a dead or diseased tree, and in these cases, we may need to bring in a crane or lift. This can end up increasing the overall cost. 


If the tree is located on a residential street or along the road, it's easier to access. But if it's on a slope or at the back of your property, it can increase the cost of cutting down your tree. 

Need Tree cutting, Tree felling, or Emergency tree service? Leave it to Cameron's Tree Services

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