Need Tree Felling Brisbane Southside Residents Can Count On? Our Expert Arborists Provide Tree Removal, Cutting, and Felling 

At Cameron’s Tree Services, we specialise in providing safe and efficient tree felling Brisbane Southside locals can trust! Whether you want to lower the risk of a bushfire or are worried about a diseased tree toppling over during a storm, we can help. Our team of licenced and insured arborists provides services across Brisbane’s Southside, including Underwood, Springwood, Rochedale, Priestdale, Kuraby, Runcorn, Eight Mile Plains, Woodridge, Slacks Creek, Macgregor and Rochedale South. 

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Want to get a tree removed? Our fully qualified and insured arborists offer the best Tree felling services in Brisbane Southside QLD 

Felling a tree is no DIY job – you need an expert tree removal service! At Cameron’s Tree Services, our crew of qualified arborists is licenced as per Australian standards. As professionals, we know about local vegetation, including its growth patterns, diseases, and the best tree maintenance techniques. 

We also make sure to get the job done in accordance with local building and safety codes. This means all our crew members are well-versed in safety procedures and wear appropriate gear while on the job. Moreover, all our equipment undergoes regular maintenance to pass frequent safety checks. 

Hire Certified Experts for Brisbane Southside QLD Tree felling and removal

Thanks to extensive training and years of experience, we know how to operate the specialised equipment for a more efficient tree felling and stump removal process. Having served numerous home and business owners across local neighbourhoods, we’re confident in our ability to handle Brisbane tree problems of all scales and sizes. Rest assured that we’re also fully insured to prevent any public liability concerns. 

Why You May Need Tree Felling Brisbane Southside Homeowners Can Trust

There are a number of reasons you may want to get a tree felled. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners call in tree removal services Brisbane Southside locals can rely on. 

Even if a tree’s health is declining, we highly recommend felling it so it no longer diverts essential minerals and moisture from other healthier trees. Also, removing an old tree gives you the opportunity to plant a new one. Whatever the case, we have a wealth of experience to ensure a job well done. 

Our sustainable process for Tree felling and removal in Brisbane Southside

For sustainable and careful tree felling, we follow a comprehensive process that starts with performing an inspection and ends with leaving your property clean and tidy. In most cases, our customers get a free quote for our services, so they know about our prices.

  • If you’re unsure about felling the tree, we can conduct a tree risk assessment.
  • We’ll determine the species to see if it’s protected by the local council.
  • If it’s a protected species like gum trees, we’ll fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf and send it in for approval to get the required permissions. 
  • We perform an onsite safety inspection to see if there are any obstacles nearby and if the area allows felling. Felling is difficult in urban areas because there’s not enough space for the tree to fall. If there’s not enough space, we’ll dismantle the tree piece by piece. 


After the above-mentioned preparatory steps, our climbers will set up the ropes used for climbing the tree and lowering down limbs and branches as they cut them. If the tree isn’t sturdy enough to tie our ropes, we’ll need to bring in a lift or crane. 


Remember that tree felling Brisbane Southside locals can trust isn’t as simple as cutting it down. The safest way is to employ tree lopping Brisbane Southside services to cut down the top branches and canopy first. Removing larger branches helps prevent damage to the surrounding area when the tree is felled.


After removing the bigger branches, our South Brisbane team determines whether the tree is safe to fell. We consider the direction and whether it could hit anything on its way down. Then, we make a felling cut at the base to bring it down.


Our ground crew will take the smaller segments of the tree and put them in a wood chipper to make forest mulch that you can use while gardening. Keep in mind that some vegetation can’t be used as mulch, so in this case, we’ll dispose of the green waste.

Stump Grinding

After felling a tree, you’re left with an unsightly stump. As the owner, you can determine whether you’d like to keep it, grind it, or remove it entirely. We recommend grinding it because it’s the most cost-effective option. We usually provide stump grinding as part of our tree removal and tree felling services. Though grinding it is enough to prevent a trim hazard, let us know if you’d like it to be removed entirely. 


While most contractors leave once they’ve felled the tree, our professional team stays back to clear away any waste material so your property looks better than how we found it. This means we dispose of any excess green waste produced during the wood chipping or stump grinding process.

Why Choose Us For Expert Tree Services

Wondering how we deliver quality tree services with each job? We’re dedicated to delivering fantastic results, whether it’s a large-scale removal or small-scale pruning job. 

Our team is professionally licenced and fully trained in the best practices regarding arboriculture. As certified arborists, we have complete liability insurance to address any liability concerns in the event of damage or injury.

We’ve set competitive prices on all our professional tree works without compromising on great service. This way, local Brisbane property owners never have to settle for less or wait until the issue gets out of hand.

We make sure to arrive on time and promptly start the felling process. Whether you want to cut down a tree to make more room on your property or to prevent a safety hazard, we do our best to finish on schedule.

As arboriculture specialists, we’re trained to follow local safety codes to ensure a compliant work site. Our members wear safety gear while on the job, and our equipment is maintained regularly to reduce risks of injury.

We Also Provide Palm Tree Removal and Maintenance, Tree Pruning, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, and Mulching

If you’re looking for tree maintenance services by a skilled arborist, we have the skills for the job! Besides tree cutting, we can handle care and maintenance tasks like tree trimming and pruning to remove any diseased branches. Our range of excellent services includes land clearing if you want to get rid of vegetation and trees on your property.

For trees that become a safety hazard because of overgrowth, we implement careful lopping practices to remove specific sections. We also offer regular maintenance for palm trees, such as cleaning and trimming.

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